Hi guys,

My name is Linda and I’m a Play Therapist. I have worked with a number of children and teenagers in both a group and individual setting   with a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties e.g. anxiety, separation, bereavement, stress, bullying, confusion, low self-esteem and much more.

Teenagers may find confronting their difficulties directly a challenge and hard to put into words. Play Therapy provides a safe space with a non-judgemental approach, providing support to promote personal growth and development.

In Play Therapy you can experience and express yourself through a number of mediums e.g. Clay, Creative Art, music and much more. There are lots of tools and materials available for you and together we can figure out what works for you.

Many teenagers prefer to refer to Play Therapy as Art Therapy or Creative Art and to be honest you can call it whatever you like as it is your time and your space .  All information shared is strictly CONFIDENTAL.   I WON’T be talking to anyone about your time in therapy but if you wish to talk or share your time that is your choice. The only time I would have to say something is, if you tell me something that means you’re no longer safe so that we can help you to be safe again.                                                     

I’m looking forward to meeting you.